Yesterday's Storm

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Yesterday's Storm

Post  mike on Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:59 pm

Good afternoon all. As I have yet another Friday off work I trundled up to the club just now to check that everything is in order after the gales. (and to re-fit the kicker on the 300 which had come apart - repaired it with superglue and tissue paper to keep the weight to a minimum lol but it seems ok now)There were the usual ripped covers caused by the wind and I did the best I could with them to make them secure. One boat is damaged. It is the blue mirror behind the clubhouse. I couldn't see the space number but it is against the wall opposite the topper rack and has its nose in the air. Originally the bow was secured to the trailer but a piece of the bow has been ripped off. hence the crazy angle it sits at. I have no idea who it belongs to but it doesn't look 'unloved' so please alert whoever it is. The repair should be straightforward and relatively small...about 10cm x 6cm.


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