Lark needs good home.

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Lark needs good home.

Post  John_Newcombe on Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:34 am

Hi All

My Lark in space 38, is in needs a new owner. This is a Parker Lark with no issues that I am aware of and includes a dodgy road/launching trailer. It has the usual wear and tear and the odd knock, but is a great fun boat. I am wondering if someone will give me £220 for it, or am I being silly?

There are three sets of sails with two spinnakers, all in various states but all usable for a family fun boat. The boat has a good pedigree, here it is leading the fleet many years ago. However, it is probably more of a fun boat these days. A full set of images (albeit taken some years ago) are available on the link below.

Example photo,  more images here.

See more images here.

Send a text to 07729931645 if this is of interest.


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