Ullswater weekend

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Ullswater weekend

Post  tomwhite on Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:11 am

A big thank-you to Keith and Sheila for organising such a great weekend and to Sheila for arranging the BBQ on Saturday evening. For me it was the best Ullswater weekend I've been to and that was largely because we had such a large number of club members and their families there. The sailing proved to be excellent, though the breeze was perhaps a little too light on Saturday afternoon. I hope that sailing on Sunday went well. Sadly I had to leave early.
Thanks to Terry for bringing up the Vision and enabling so many people to enjoy our new boat. I hope enough people are now familiar with rigging and sailing it that it will enable us to help new sailors to get an introduction to life afloat.
A big thank you also to Ian Craven for using his Wayfarer as "mother ship" for the grand convoy down the lake to Patterdale on Saturday.
Great to see that even in this age of Satnav some people can still manage to turn up to the wrong club at the wrong end of the lake. Right lake, though which is some consolation. No names, no pack drill Nigel.
A cruel and salacious rumour has been circulating that I was sailing with a load of..er.."Babes". May I reassure members that the moral integrity of your Commodore remains intact and this reference is in fact to the 2 packets of Jelly Babies that I provided for our picnic.


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Re: Ullswater weekend

Post  Nik on Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:16 am

just to echo Tom's thanks to Keith, Sheila and Terry. Having the Vision up was great for us with families but wrong sized boats.

All in all a fantastic weekend - the only nasty moment was watching Keith and two under 10s squabbling over Tom's sweeties. Allthough my kids assure me there was only ever one packet ... Was Keith round the back of the club house with the other babes when nobody was looking ?


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