Family Sunday

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Family Sunday

Post  Nik on Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:42 am

Hi just a great big thanks to our dance troupe for organising today's family day. Chris and Gill for the race, Keith and Shiela on the BBQ did an excellent job (as ever) and Tom and Oli as bludgers in the quiddich cup. Steve has to get a special mention as helm of the Quiddich cup winner. Nathan, Bea and Angus win Spoons in the welly wanging in categories of Adult M adult F and child, respectively (I think that's correct but I do know Fiona definitely didn't win) and Hattie wins the bravery cup. Pete gets a mention for the biggest liability on the water (again?).


oh yes that other race - well done to Oli as winner of the Yorkshire cup

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Re: Family Sunday

Post  tomwhite on Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:11 am

Yes, it was a fantastic day - and great to see so many people up at the club and enjoying themselves on the water. A big thank you to everyone who brought food up. My chocolate obsession was nicely catered for, though I had a bit of a surprise when what I thought were chocolate biscuits turned out to be cold burgers. Hmmm...
I hope that some of the younger sailors will feel that they want to carry on and do some more - remember there are still 2 Thursdays of the Embsay Splash to go. Pester your parents to bring you up!


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