Sailing Club Committee Near Death Experience

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Sailing Club Committee Near Death Experience

Post  tomwhite on Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:48 am

Last Sunday (October 9th) we sailed in heavy winds. With boring predictability Barrie Jones won both races but the other boats and helms in the races had a less than sunny experience, suffering both equipment and bodily disaster in almost equal measure.
While Jon Moreman lost his forestay (and therefore his mast) Steve Hiley, Mark Hedges and Tom White all carried away more personal and painful mementos of the morning's sport, receiving blows to the head from their booms (Boooom! - so that's why it's called a boom). Steve had a very impressive bruise across his face near his eye and Mark lost most of his circulating blood volume from a gash on his scalp. If your domestic water supply has had a fetching pink tinge and a strangely metallic taste in the last few days you now know why. Meanwhile, the Commodore (as Tom White for some strange reason likes to call himself) had a less severe bash to the head - fortunately saved from more serious injury by the stylish platinum toupee that has become his trademark head covering in the last few years (causing him to be mistaken on many an occasion for Julian Assange of Wikileaks).
Two important questions have arisen from this near disaster:
1) Is it wise that so many committee members are on the water at the same time - what would happen to the club if the entire committee perished in the course of our weekly aquatic mayhem?
2) Was any sense knocked into anyone last weekend? (Probably not I fear)

Interestingly (or not, perhaps) the only people not to suffer personal or equipment injury were Nigel Makin and Evette Allum in their Fireball (more like a damp squib in the weather conditions) though Nigel distinguished himself by being in the forefront of those who were keenest to get out for a 2nd race and was then conspicuous by his absence from the starting line.


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Re: Sailing Club Committee Near Death Experience

Post  Nik on Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:55 am

Tom will you be renaming Wikileaks to Dinghyleaks ?


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sailing club near death experience

Post  Ian Smith on Tue Oct 25, 2011 5:56 am

Worryingly our tap water has a slight hint of brown to it rather than pink - I hesitate to draw conclusions from this ....

Ian Smith

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Re: Sailing Club Committee Near Death Experience

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