boat park inspection after storm

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boat park inspection after storm

Post  tomwhite on Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:56 am

Just been up to reservoir to check things after yesterday's storm. Things actually look pretty good. No damage seen. All boats are tied down. Only obvious problem is with the state of a number of the boat covers, particularly those on wooden boats.
I made a note of those which were at particular risk of water damage to cockpits.
On the far side of the clubhouse the boats in spaces 67 and 68 have shredded covers with water freely able to get into cockpit. And the boat in space 113 - again on far side of clubhouse - has a badly ripped cover.
As is usual there are a lot of intact covers which are sagging and full of water. In due course these covers are likely to rip. Also it means that there may be a considerable strain on the hull from the weight of water. Might be a good idea for people to have a quick look at their boats in the next week or two.
Next racing is Boxing Day December 26th - hope to see some of you up there then.


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