Sunday 21st May Report

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Sunday 21st May Report

Post  alcass on Tue May 22, 2012 3:10 am

Okay, I confess: I arrived thinking there was a race (and wondering why there were fewer people than normal). Gradually, realisation dawned that this was a special Sunday and that any minute people would be arriving for the advertised 'Beginners and Improvers and People Who Just Like Messing About in Boats Day'.

And what a great time we had! I missed out on some of the better class of picnics, but fully enjoyed seeing Mirrors, Toppers, Q'bas, Lasers, the patrol boat and the club Vision out on the water with folk of all ages and experience having a good time. It was nice to welcome some new faces too (not that there's anything wrong with old faces, you understand - I have one myself) and I hope you enjoyed your morning.

With all these budding young sailors, the club looks to be in good hands for the future. Young Efer and Anna seemed to be having a particularly good time in their Canadian canoe as big sister tried out the Vision.

If you missed out on Sunday, look in your handbook for the next event and come along and join in!
If anyone has any good pictures of the day it would be nice to share them on our site.


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Re: Sunday 21st May Report

Post  SteveJose on Tue May 22, 2012 7:16 am

I fully agree, it was an excellent day and I was amazed that the weather cooperated perfectly - not very North Yorkshire at all! Thanks in particular to those who offered up their boats.

My son and 2 nieces had great fun on their first time in a sailing boat and I am sure they will be back for more...

I have pictures, some if which are useable so I will try to work out how to upload them at the weekend.


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Re: Sunday 21st May Report

Post  tomwhite on Thu May 24, 2012 3:51 am

Like Al I,too, turned up equipped for racing. As Commodore should I have known better? Possibly. As it was there was an opportunity to do a little light mowing and help people with getting their boats on the water. Unlike last year when I recall pale and anxious faces pressed against the windows of the clubhouse watching the gale outside, this year we had near perfect conditions with a light breeze sufficient to get boats moving but not so strong as to cause any undue worries.
And a splendid turnout. Those interested in keeping lists of native and migratory members will have been pleased to spot a Medley of McKinneys and Merrells, a Clutch of Kapurs and even the very rarely spotted Lesser Spotted Scrivens. We were overjoyed to spot a Flurry of Faulkners. On one of their rare forays from the frozen North (Grimwith) we even had a Conspiracy of Cravens. The keen eyed will possibly even have seen a Solitary Sumnall. Amongst these rarer breeds there was a large flock of Joses and Davieses.
Helping to shepherd the various groups we had a very decent turnout of members, some on shore duty, others manfully helping out on the water in the Vision, the Patrol Boat and Mark Hedges' lovely light blue Enterprise. Those helping included Mark Hedges, Al Cass, Steve Jose, Steve Hiley and even the Commodore.
A big thank you to all who turned out.
Check the Handbook for details of further family days and the Yorkshire Water day.


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Re: Sunday 21st May Report

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