Peter Marshall RIP

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Peter Marshall RIP

Post  tomwhite on Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:18 am

Some of the Club members are already aware that Peter died recently. He had been a member of the Club for many years and some of you may have occasionally seen him up sailing his little inflatable sailing boat. In fact he came up and had a chat and a cup of coffee on the Sunday morning in the week before he died. Peter had been involved for many years in charitable and fundraising work in Yorkshire and I believe was able to help Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club in some of their fundraising efforts to raise money for their new clubhouse. Peter was interested in helping clubs attract young people into active participation in sports and often gave us advice at our AGMs on ways of encouraging new members. He made suggestions when we were trying to attract charitable funding for our RS Vision, though sadly we were unable to persuade charitable donors to assist us.
I have written to Peter's widow expressing the Club's sense of loss and to mark our appreciation of what he did as a member. Any members who knew Peter and who might wish personally to express their condolences to his widow will find the address in the Club handbook


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