Embsay Splash 2012 - Week 1

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Embsay Splash 2012 - Week 1

Post  tomwhite on Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:34 am

Intended as a way of offering coaching on the water for novices and improvers, the first Embsay Splash of 2012 demonstrated that lifelong learning is a concept close to the hearts of some of the oldest and most experienced of the Craven helmsmen.
Sadly, the Commodore's predictions on the weather, as on most other things, proved to be wrong yet again. Instead of a balmy and sunny June evening we had wintry blasts and a strong on-shore easterly wind. Perhaps sensibly most Learners and Improvers stayed at home in front of the fire, while a cohort of wild-eyed and white whiskered old salts turned out to brave the conditions.
Mark Hedges took out his patriotically decorated Laser with a Radial rig and dashed up and down like Tigger, occasionally falling in but mostly not. He even let the Commodore have a bash later on - ("Thanks I really enjoyed it" - Commodore).
The Commodore gave in early to an acute attack of cowardice and persuaded Devlan Livesey to return to the beach after a lively outing in the Laser 2, fortunately without major mishap.
Ian Craven, after a long day at work, took the opportunity to blow away the cobwebs in his Laser and gave advanced on-the-water tuition on:
1) How to reattach boom to gooseneck in a Force 5
2) How to destroy Kicker and Cunningham and sail a fully powered up rig in a Force 5
3) How to get into a nice tangle with your son's Topper causing him to capsize
Josh Craven was really the only true novice on the water and proceeded to give us all a demonstration of fast and thrilling Topper sailing.
Steve Hiley took out his 420 for its annual airing and gave Trips Round the Bay to anyone wanting cheap thrills (Devlan Livesey and Al Cass).
Al Cass, overcome with the sense of occasion and possibly confused by his joint roles as Steve Hiley's crew and as the current Vicar of Embsay Reservoir, at one point made a brave attempt to walk on the water. The keen eyed will have noted that this cannot be claimed as a modern miracle as Al was noted to be hanging on to the trapeze wire, albeit without a harness. But he WAS out of the boat, AND upright, and did appear to be on top of the water. Another suggestion was that he was attempting to water ski - highly unlikely as it is strictly against the terms of our lease from Yorkshire Water.
Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Jon Moreman, in the Patrol Boat. Climatic conditions meant that his carefully thought out Lesson Plan had to be abandoned (Ofsted has been informed) but thanks to him for coming along.
Finally, a lesson that few sailing clubs include in even their most advanced courses:
Burial at Sea.
The general principles were outlined. A large lump of concrete stood in place of a body. Vicar Cass drove the boat. Boatswain Hedges committed the body to the deep in the middle of the reservoir. Hymns were sung (OK, perhaps not - but some of us did go to the pub afterwards for a brief Wake). We hope that the concrete didn't land on the reservoir drainage plug, but if the pond is empty next week you'll know what happened.
There are 3 more Splash days: Thursday June 21st, June 28th and July 5th.


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Re: Embsay Splash 2012 - Week 1

Post  Ian Smith on Sun Jun 17, 2012 7:11 pm

sorry to have missed all these exciting experiences - there was the odd shower blowing through in London and I did get some spots of rain on my jacket once or twice! Writing this on Sunday and going up to Grimwith with exciting 4-5 W forecast so fully expecting to get a lot wetter today! See you for week 2 of the Splash. Ian

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