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Lost Property

Post  Barrie on Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:59 pm

The lost property bin in the Clubhouse is full to overflowing with some wonderful items of sailing gear. Please give me a ring on 07890770293 to claim any of the items below(if they are yours) before the end of July or we will find a good home for them. They are :-

A pair Dunlop sailing Wellies with drawstring tops.
A Peak Kayaking buoyancy aid .
A chidren's nylon navy Regatta cagoul - William Quirk inside.
A buoyancy aid - Obrien in blue and yellow.
A Red kayaking Spray Deck CPR54.
A long sleeved - long john wetsuit - Ribsure.
A cuddly toy.

Watch this space.


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