Men's Final 8th July 2012

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Men's Final 8th July 2012

Post  alcass on Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:19 am

Tennis? Was someone playing that too? No, this is the report of the 5 race trophy event which happened to have only men competing.

Race 1 presented an easterly f4, but shifty conditions as the wind swirled around the crag made for some awkward moments - particularly at the first windward mark which left Pete doing penalty turns. Ian Smith took up his customary position as pathfinder, but Barrie Jones, Steve Hiley, Mark Hedges, Pete Cowling and Devlin Livesey were close together throughout the first lap. The gaps opened up in the subsequent laps but didn't alter the finishing positions.

Running back-to-back on the same course, Race 2 got away with a five minute countdown. Although the order of finishing was to be identical to the first race, the gaps between widened to the point that Ian was catching the back markers with his third lap as they finished their second.

After a quick break for Pimms and strawberries, and a decision to cut down to four races instead of five, the boats returned the water for the final two races. Pete Cowling decided to rig his asymmetric in a cunning plan to seize the day. Sadly, the day had other plans, and the wind disappeared leaving boats picturesquely reflected in the mirror-like surface of the reservoir. This artistic moment was ruined by Steve Hiley capsizing in zero wind for no apparent reason other than the amusement of onlookers.

Pete decided to call it a day and commanded his crew to lie on the foredeck and paddle their Laser 2000 to shore. Meanwhile, a suspiciously localised wind seemed to surround only Barrie's Streaker which led to various speculations on how it was achieved. Despite this, the positions were unaffected, and the remaining boats completed the race in the same order as before.

With time pressing more than the wind, the decision was made to end on just the three races and so the final results were:

Ian Smith 1st
Barrie Jones 2nd
Steve Hiley 3rd
Mark Hedges 4th
Pete Cowling and Devlin Livesey 5th =


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